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Electrical permanent contact

for rail web type AR 61E for hole diameter 7/8”

Single side bonding system for continuity and earthing applications

Railweb thickness: between 0.49" to 0.87".

This unique system was developed by Cembre in response to a requirement for a version of the rail web bonding system, which could be installed in situations where access is limited to one side of a rail or trackside structure.

Examples include;

  • Running rail with check rail in situ
  • Switches and crossings
  • Circular hollow section stanchions
  • Blind holes in thick rail web 


The Single Side Bonding System has been designed around the same basic principles
as Cembre’s existing systems:

  • Low electrical resistance due to intimate contact between bush and hole surfaces
  • Simple installation method that does not depend on operator skill
  • Quick and easy to install (2 minutes for complete installation and assembly)
  • Easy to connect/disconnect cables for fault finding/maintenance
  • Does not rely on tight hole tolerances
  • ‘Extrusion’ installation method provides a seal between the bush and the hole preventing moisture ingress and corrosion, increasing the longevity of the connection

Electrical and mechanical testing has been carried out on the system including:

  • Temperature cycling
  • High current loading
  • Salt chamber corrosion testing
  • Mechanical flexion testing



System components are as follows:

a – Electrolytically tin-plated copper bush  type AR61E-1
b – M12 steel expansion bolt
c – locking washer
d – M12 stainless steel self-lock nut



To be installed by: Hydraulic tool type RHTEPE-12-E and BAS-19


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