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Matched connectors and tooling assure conformity

Cembre offer directed at electrical connection/management of the cable, industrial labelling and railway maintenance now amounts to over 22,000 items


The electromechanical compression connector available in numerous different versions is the Cembre product with worldwide acclaim; the company has extended its reach over the years by providing certified solutions that range from the preparation of the electrical cable (cut and strip) to the installation of connectors via compression. There are many demands for electrical material installers. For each of these Cembre has been able to develop a suitable product, creating quality items to help the clients in several work phases.  Taking steps in this direction, the company constantly added new products to its range; the experience of sector specialists is due to acquisitions with specific aims. The Cembre offer includes: connectors for both copper and aluminium cables used in different applications and certified according to international standards, cable fixing elements in polyamide, brass and stainless steel. Either manual or battery powered mechanical and hydraulic tools for the compression of joints and cable terminals or for the cutting and stripping of wires and cables. A wide range of products related to industrial labelling of cables and terminals enriches the Cembre offer, of which the specific thermal printers allow many devices to be immediately labelled. The company’s sales network staff allow them to quickly receive orders from the client. They are also able to provide specific solutions if the offer fails to meet the client’s demands. The initiatives promoted by Cembre are evaluated by technicians in the internal workshop; any specific solutions offered to the clients can also be certified in this way.

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