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Printing systems promote efficiency and convenience

Cembre offers a complete range of products to meet the identification requirements in the electrical field; the wide range available in the catalogue is able to meet the requirements of both large users and small consumers


The company’s range of products for the industrial labelling of cables, pipes, terminal blocks, buttons, components and the control panel allows the requirements of every type of user to be satisfied. The manual labelling systems are recommended for those who produce a low number of products whereas the thermal transfer automatic labelling is an excellent solution for those who need to label a large number of components.

In addition to the consumer material, Cembre directly produces the printers for the labelling process. The thermal printing method allows well-made labels to be produced quickly and at a low cost. Cembre supports its clients via the development of two types of systems.

The extremely versatile thermal printer is able to meet all the identification requirements in the electrical field via black or colour printing. However, the thermal transfer labelling system for cable markers and labels on a roll is more indicated for intensive use. 

Both the printers use GeniusPro labelling software, produced specifically for the two devices; the printing data can be quickly inserted via a simple and user-friendly interface. Keeping the skills  the products to be manufactured within the company allows Cembre to offer their clients direct technical support.

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