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Hand-held convenience and performance

One hand is enough to hold, position and operate the tool with minimum upper-arm effort


A single hand is enough to hold, position and operate this battery powered hydraulic B500 tool; the compression and then electrical connection is performed as in the design, via the end position of the dies associated to the type of connector, confirmed by the release of the maximum pressure valve to show that the tool is running at full power; at the end of the cycle the release button can be pressed with the same hand to return the piston.


With the battery powered hydraulic tool for the extrusion of electrical contacts in the rail web and other type B-TEPD2, after having made a hole in the rail web and checked the size with the relative go/no go gauge, insert the tin plated copper sleeve; insert the calibrated nose into the flanged part of the sleeve, pushing out through the threaded part by the opposite end; using the gauge, screw the nose into the threaded seat of the tool and then operate by pressing the start button; the forced traction of the nose then occurs and next, passing via the hole of the sleeve, it undergoes plastic deformation until it is joined to the rail.

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