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Power distribution

Medium voltage cable terminals are made from pipes and rods with a cross-section that guarantees excellent electrical distribution.


Power distribution represents the last phase of the energy process. Electrical energy is conducted from the transmission system to the end consumers via this process.


The distribution system has both medium and low voltage lines.

Cembre has designed a specific group of products for medium voltage applications.

The cable terminals and joints can be made from belts, pipes and round rods with cross-sections that guarantee both good electrical connectivity and an adequate mechanical resistance to electrodynamic stress and to the short-circuit currents.

The products are produced in either electrolytic copper for joints of copper cords/cables or in aluminium for the connection of aluminium cables/cords. For the same section as in a low-voltage product, these use a greater quantity of material; the end parts of the medium voltage connectors are tapered without overhang to prevent the formation of corona discharge.

By pressing the joint elements with the Cembre hydraulic tools and their specific semi-circular dies, the sidebars from the compression of the connector are cut to ensure a state-of-the-art electrical connection. The company provides the insulated version of a few tools on request, so as to be able to work under voltage. 

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