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Electric traction and signalling

Cembre has designed a rail connection able to produce an excellent connection system for electric traction and railway signalling.


The extensive experience acquired by Cembre over the years in the field of electrical connection led them to specifically develop a system for the rail electrical connection and rail signalling and safety equipment. The Cembre rail electrical connection system is practical and easy to install. It can be installed using a simple portable tool that ensures the quality of work is good, irrespective of the operator’s assembly skills. The rail connection solution offered is valid both in terms of electrical efficiency and mechanical resistance over time. Cembre also offers solutions for the connection of overhead catenary wires and cables as is the case with the fitting joint for shaped wire. This allows a new contact wire to be joined to one that already exists on the system without the need to perform the manual operation of tapering on the new wire. Its particular shape allows a continual and uniform sliding zone on the pantograph.

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