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Control and automation panels

Cembre is able to provide quality solutions for creating electrical panels for industrial control and automation.


The control panels are used for the automatic management of production and transport machines in almost all industrial sectors, including:

  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Civil and industrial
  • Energy production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Railway
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical
  • Maritime
  • Plastic


The range of Cembre products related to supply demands for control and automation panels is particularly wide:

  • For the bench control panels, for example, chain terminals have been designed to allow the rapid and reliable execution of wiring in series. Various hydraulic or pneumatic presses are included in Cembre’s offer for wiring operators. These allow large volumes of isolated terminal connectors to be quickly compressed, eliminating any exertion or fatigue experienced by the operators when using the traditional manual tools. Moreover, these tools do not require maintenance or routine calibration.
  • Cembre offers different models of battery powered tools for the installation of the control panel directly in the workplace. These allow an optimum ease of use owing to the balanced distribution of weight and the minimum force required to perform the compression since all the phases can be carried out with one hand. 

Besides the large group of components which make up the control panel, Cembre can provide industrial marking and labelling solutions for push-button panels, terminals, modular components and panel exteriors. The thermal printers allow the fast marking of cables and any other labelling elements. 

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